In this episode ICON got to sit down with a long time friend, fellow creative and christ follower isaiah fitch. We got to talk about isaiah's part in the church and some up coming projects for him along with his process and a look inside what its like to devote your time and career to others with a church atmosphere. We also touched back on the topic of cussing and had a little dialolgue on cults... it was an interesting dialogue to say the least. 

  • Intro the our guest and friend isaiah
  • isaiah's list of awesome talents 
  • talking about his roll in the church, inspiration and struggles that he faces being a creative and follower of christ
  • judging, is there more than one way and which is right?
  • what are cults? 
  • the big f-bomb and who says its bad to cuss? 

ICON Podcast Episode Two (TYPE TALK)

In this second episode of ICON we had Jeremy O. back on along with my good friend and Chef by trade, Cory Routson. We got to talk on some topics that were thrown out by our listeners and followers on IG. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this and if you hated it... well let us know cause we want to give you dialogue you want to hear and that inspires. Thanks for listening.

ICON Podcast Episode One

In Episode One, ICON had the awesome chance to sit down with a few dope individuals. Carlos, Phil, and Jeremy are all on at least one of our current teams. Bo and Federal X (Federal X Music) are both mentors and musical artists. We went off the top for this first episode to give a raw taste of all the teams personalities and opinions. Hopefully you will get some good ideas and thought provoking substance from our dialogue. Thanks so much for listening, much love.  Send an email to us in the "Conatact" tab and let us know what your thoughts are. Also what would your answer be to the "10 Million dollar" question?