In this episode ICON got to sit down with a long time friend, fellow creative and christ follower isaiah fitch. We got to talk about isaiah's part in the church and some up coming projects for him along with his process and a look inside what its like to devote your time and career to others with a church atmosphere. We also touched back on the topic of cussing and had a little dialolgue on cults... it was an interesting dialogue to say the least. 

  • Intro the our guest and friend isaiah
  • isaiah's list of awesome talents 
  • talking about his roll in the church, inspiration and struggles that he faces being a creative and follower of christ
  • judging, is there more than one way and which is right?
  • what are cults? 
  • the big f-bomb and who says its bad to cuss? 


We had Federal X Music back on along with ii 10.23 (Chris Nguyen). We got to talk about everything from one sided favors and fake people around us, artist depression and processes, and  Feds experiences and insight regarding  record labels and advice to people creating art. 

  • only when you need me (fakes on the line)
  • Collaboration and vibing with other people.
  • Staying to yourself and the artist struggle
  • depression, anxiety and artists
  • can you create bangers that provoke thought?
  • street music and beef
  • competitiveness in rap 
  • teams are tricky 
  • fed talks about his experiences with being signed and working in the industry 
  • advice to people going through the process

ICON EPISODE Three show notes

WE ARE BACK!! this week we had jeremy O. back on for the third time in a row along with our hypebeast friend carlos. we talked everything from R-kelly and  "i am not racist" video to fashion and our favorite trends and shoes right now. We also had some random dialogue on profanity which we need answerers to. Hope you guys enjoyed this week. much love 


  • I am not racist 
  • R-kelly, Tekashi and Music 
  • Our favorite trends right now
  • Resale market in fashion and what it does
  • language and profanity?


This week we took your guys topics from Instagram and social media and discussed your questions and interests. We had Jeremy Ocampo on for a second round this week and also one of my very good friends and culinary chef by trade, Cory Routson. Let us know what you guys thought of the episode and hopefully you enjoyed it.  Thanks for listening much love.

Show Notes for Episode two

  • Intro
  • The Guests
  • Type and talk topics from the listeners
  1. Media outlets and opinions on their affects
  2. music industry 
  3. staying true to yourself and unique in a social media world
  4. failures and perspectives (in the food industry)
  5. Culinary culture and music 
  6. influence of social media on art
  7. cooking is crazy...our stories from working in a kitchen
  8. what are fashion trends? who knows
  9. Thanks to you


ICON, Episode One show notes

Thanks to the Guys (Jeremy O, Carlos P, Philip H, Bo HUDGINS And federal X music) hopefully this first episode will bring some awesome energy for you guys and inspire some dialogue. jeremy, Phil and carlos are on our personal team currently building projects. Fed & bo are both artists. Federal X will be dropping his latest studio album in the up coming months. Thanks to everyone again for the insights and awesome talk. 

  1. Crew Intro
  2. Substance Opinions (Drugs and Alcohol)
  3. Motives, struggles, Vices and the future.
  4. Music Industry and the concept of art, Impact and influence.
  5. The 10 million dollar question.
  6. thanks and outro