This week we took your guys topics from Instagram and social media and discussed your questions and interests. We had Jeremy Ocampo on for a second round this week and also one of my very good friends and culinary chef by trade, Cory Routson. Let us know what you guys thought of the episode and hopefully you enjoyed it.  Thanks for listening much love.

Show Notes for Episode two

  • Intro
  • The Guests
  • Type and talk topics from the listeners
  1. Media outlets and opinions on their affects
  2. music industry 
  3. staying true to yourself and unique in a social media world
  4. failures and perspectives (in the food industry)
  5. Culinary culture and music 
  6. influence of social media on art
  7. cooking is crazy...our stories from working in a kitchen
  8. what are fashion trends? who knows
  9. Thanks to you